Wearable Products

HomeStay understands that being able to lead an independent life means the freedom to come and go as you please. With the wide range of wearable monitors and personal alarms available nowadays, this is easier than ever. Through our wearable technology partners, we are able to offer personal alarms that range from traditional pendant style devices to fashionable smartwatches. We offer many personal alarms for seniors that can help streamline your life and provide peace of mind.

HomeStay Care Personal Alarms for Seniors

The range of wearable products is greater than ever. Advances in technology are being integrated into portable devices in order to provide safety and monitor you as you move around. Many personal alarms are available in pendants, worn as a necklace or clipped to your belt, wristbands, or as smartwatches. These devices connect you to the HomeStay platform and input data into your Intelligent Home system. From here the information can be made available to your health care professionals who can check in and intervene as necessary based on the information provided. You can more precisely track patterns and receive notifications right to your device. Smartwatches are particularly useful for receiving text messages and alerts, answering phone calls, and even offering GPS tracking. All these features come together to provide a non-invasive monitoring system, giving you the independence you seek and providing a safety net should incidents occur.

Wearable Products Monitor aka Monitoring Your Health

Wearable devices are able to monitor a range of parameters which can provide valuable information for you and your healthcare providers. You are able to track trends and assess progress towards goals. Changes to established patterns can be detected and adjustments made as needed to prevent a decline in your health. Information is knowledge, and by using a wearable monitor, you are keeping your health record up to date and are able to detect changes as soon as they occur.
Many personal alarms for seniors offer a button that when pressed will alert a dispatcher and can contact help should an accident occur. They even offer the ability to detect a wearer who is unconscious and will contact the company directly. These devices are often able to detect falls, carbon monoxide levels, smoke, and even extreme temperatures in the case of fire.
Smartwatches have improved on the ability to monitor your personal health. Expanding on fitness devices that could monitor heart rate and track exercise and calories, these smartwatches are now able to monitor more refined parameters, including blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, sleep activity, water intake, and stress and anxiety. In the short term these parameters can be used to detect medical incidents that require intervention and contact your carers. Over the long term, these details are able to be recorded and integrated with your Intelligent Home system and can be used to track and assess your health.
HomeStay offer a wide range of wearable personal alarms for seniors that will improve your quality of life. Contact HomeStay Care today to see which products are best for you.