Convenient and Streamlined Private Aged Care Services

HomeStay’s innovative solutions are designed to keep you living in the comforts of your own home, living independently and safely. Our platform and Intelligent Home products make it possible to live at home safely.

HomeStay streamlines your access to private services through one convenient app. There’s no need to call, email or visit a supplier to book a service anymore. This can be done with one powerful app in the palm of your hands. This useful platform allows you to find, book and pay for your home care services with ease anytime, anywhere.

Our Intelligent Home solution offers an innovative non invasive system of monitoring to ensure you are safe at home. Unlike other assistive technology devices, HomeStay’s Intelligent Home is discrete and gets to know you and how you live, to be able to identify when something has gone wrong. Motion sensors can identify when there has been an incident such as if fall or injury has taken place sending notifications to selected contact such as family, friends or service providers.

HomeStay’s services and our Intelligent Home System can be government funded or paid for privately giving you extra flexibility to ensure your needs are met without the service restrictions of funded services. When purchasing home care services simply download the app, create a profile, enter your credit card details through our secure payment portal and then start booking your services. Our Intelligent Home can be purchased through a convenient monthly payment system making this revolutionary assistive technology affordable.


Convenient Personal Home Care and Lifestyle Services

HomeStay Care has taken the hard work out of organising your care at home by combining powerful tools and services already available and creating one handy app to organise all your aged care services needed at home.

Our app can be used on your smartphone or tablet. Simply download it from the Google play or the itunes store, enter your details and source a variety of home care services in your local area. HomeStay has sourced professional suppliers who can support you to stay at home longer and living independently.

Our speciality services include:


Personal Care Assistance


Home Care Domestic Assistance




Laundry Services






Home Maintenance

Suppliers on the platform come from a broad range of services offering increased choice where some government subsidised services cannot offer. Each service is listed by service type and location in a clear and easy to use format. The supplier’s service times are listed for you to choose what day and time suits you. With a click of a button you can schedule a service and communicate with the supplier via a chat feature within the app.

Our platform enables you to make changes to service types, days and times. Once a service is provided, payment is made automatically through the platform.  making the whole transaction easy and transparent.
Case Study
Carl and Jean live in a villa near the town centre. As recent retirees they want to spend as much time as they can enjoy their golden years. To save time booking, and organising their services, Carl and Jean use HomeStay Care’s app to book their weekly house clean and laundry services. Jean has selected a local provider with an outstanding reputation and books her fortnightly clean using the app. Once booked, Jean can focus on enjoying her life because she knows the supplier will arrive and payment has already been organised.

Carl and Jean also have HomeStay’s Intelligent Home installed in their villa. Jean has peace of mind when she goes out and leaves Carl at home, she knows the Intelligent Home feature will notify her if Carl has a fall at home and is not able to get to the phone.

For more information on our platform or Intelligent Home, please contact us today.