HomeStay is a unified technology platform that offers care, health and lifestyle services that allows more independence, convenience, safety and dignity to seniors and elderly and provides peace of mind to their families.

Technology allows individuals to live securely at home using multiple means of control which promote convenience and easy access. Our Intelligent Home solution offers an innovative non invasive system of monitoring to ensure you are safe at home. Unlike other assistive technology devices, HomeStay’s Intelligent Home is smartphone integrated, is discrete and gets to know you and how you live to be able to identify when something has gone wrong.

Our Intelligent Home System includes:


Motion sensors can identify when there has been an incident such as if fall or injury has taken place sending notifications to selected contact such as family, friends or service providers.


In the event of an accident within the home, our AI Hub is able to detect an incident and instantly send a message to family, caregiver or doctors for immediate action.


A Wearable watch offers a unique non invasive way to measure vitals such as heart rate, activity and sleep which provide notifications when there are changes in behaviour.

How does the Intelligent Home help me?

The Intelligent Home gets to know you and your patterns of activity in movement, sleep, eating, physical exercise. When there are changes in your patterns, the intelligent home gathers and analyse this information to feed it back to you and your selected family, carers, services and health professionals.

Example 1.  You wake up everyday at 6am and the sensors detected no movement one morning because you fell ill the night before, HomeStay’s intelligent home will notify your selected loved ones so they can check in on you and make sure everything is ok.

Example 2. Over a period of 3 months, HomeStay’s Intelligent Home detects that you are not as active as you are normally and that you are sleeping longer than normal.  In this case an alert would be sent to family or caregivers to take action as this could mean that their health is deteriorating and would require further consultation.