At HomeStay Care, we recognise your rights for privacy and independence. We use advanced monitoring sensors to detect movement and other key activities to help you stay safe and at home longer. Our Intelligent Home System provides non-invasive support by integrating discrete sensors into your everyday appliances. Our Intelligent Home smart technology makes life easier, safer, and more enjoyable, with peach of mind for you and your loved ones.

HomeStay Care Smart Technology

Here at HomeStay Care, we understand that the ability to live a full and independent life is important to you. Using a range of intelligent home devices, we can create an automated system at work in the background, helping to make tasks easier for you and allowing you to live independently. Our systems will interact and automate many of your daily routines in order to improve your life and help you keep everything in order. With the Homestay personalised audio reminders you wont miss appointments, social events or any other day to day reminders. Our Intelligent Home also includes high tech motion sensors to get to know your movements and detect accidents and falls. With the ability to automate many aspects of your home and improve your daily routine, our systems will help you stay at home independently for longer.

Home Sensor Devices

Home sensor devices are available in a range of functions. One of the most important in-home devices is the motion sensor system. This non-invasive system is beneficial in multiple ways. Firstly, the sensors are able to track your movements around your home, with the ability to identify a fall or injury, should you have an accident. The system can then notify family, friends, or your designated carer so you get the attention you need, promptly. Secondly, outside of these incidents, the home motion sensor system will track your movements and recognise patterns over time. Most importantly, it will pick up on alterations in these patterns and provide support as needed. If, for example, one morning you sleep in later than usual, this smart technology can alert someone to call and check in, making sure you are ok. It will also track long term changes, such as increased or decreased length of sleep, activity deterioration and can suggest a visit with your medical professional to determine the significance of these changes.

Daily tasks are also improved with the use of in-home sensor devices. Many systems can link with your calendar, reminding you of appointments and birthdays. Hydration reminders are also available, with an automated alert to ensure you are drinking enough water. We can also integrate a smart smoke detector with your intelligent home system. When triggered, the smoke alarm will send a notification to your phone. This alert can identify which alarm was triggered if you have more than one, and gives you the capability to turn off the alarm, in cases of false alarms after burning a meal. If out of the house, this alert means you can contact the authorities quickly, potentially saving your home.

Sensors have been around and used for many years now, and the ability to bring these sensors into the home with smart technology means that you can live at home, independently and comfortably, even longer than previously thought. Be sure to get in touch with HomeStay Care today to discuss how we can best meet your needs.