HomeStay Lets You Manage Your Health with Freedom

Being able to keep track of your health is key to a happier, carefree lifestyle. Through the HomeStay platform, we offer you the freedom to manage your health needs anytime, anywhere. HomeStay provides a safe and secure way to improve your health and track your wellbeing online using the latest in telemedicine technology. We have partnered with Manage My Health, a well-known telemedicine provider, to offer you the best quality in home health monitoring systems.
Patient self-monitoring has been shown to decrease hospital visits, shorten duration of hospital stays, and keep patients on track to meet health goals. These are clear reasons why you should be incorporating health monitoring and telemedicine into your daily routine.
Secure Audio, Video, & Data
Having access to your medical records is an important part of monitoring your own well-being, and it is essential that these records are kept safe. Our platform allows for the secure storage and retrieval of your medical history, test results, and upcoming appointments.
We have established secure channels of communications between you and your health care providers and carers with your doctor being able to upload test results and send secure messages with future capability for secure audio and video connections. Here you are able to discuss test results, establish care plans, and review progress from the comfort of your own home.
Connectivity to Medical Devices
Keeping your records up to date is important. You want to be sure that your health care providers have the latest information about your health. This is important not only in an emergency situation, but for overall tracking of health. Recording data and identifying trends means you are able to take steps to maintain your quality of life before any deteriorations occur.
For this reason, our platform is set up to connect to your wearable devices. The data collected from these personal health monitors include activity, movement and sleep patterns with options to also include blood pressure, blood sugar, pulse oximetry, heart rate, and ECG readings which will be automatically added to your electronic health record. This easy integration of your latest health data creates a current and accurate reflection of your health for you and your health care providers. The secure storage means you don’t have to worry about your medical history being accessed inadvertently. Our platform is able to connect to home monitors, smartphones, and tablets, so you are able to easily review your own health trends. Any reminders and alerts from your monitoring devices will be integrated into the platform as well, so you don’t miss any important events or medications.
Health Portal
The secure health portal contains your electronic medical records. This is able to be accessed by you, your doctor, and other authorised health care professionals or loved ones. Your doctor can upload results and view your current progress from your data uploads. This ability for electronic engagement between you and your health care providers means you can review health care plans and monitor goals with fewer medical appointments.
HomeStay offers the latest telemedicine advancements to help keep you comfortable and independent at home. Our health monitoring technology offers peace of mind and means you have access to health care professionals and in home services at your fingertips. Be sure to contact HomeStay Care today to further discuss your health monitoring needs.