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HomeStay Care offers aged care options of superior quality. We do this by combining the latest technological advancements in health care monitoring with dedicated passionate people who truly excel as care givers. We work closely with families to create personalised care plans to keep individuals comfortable and safe at home for as long as possible. Working with a team of dedicated carers and local vendors, we can meet individual needs in a way that reflects their desires and values.

Are You A Caregiver or Domestic Business Providing Home Services?

HomeStay care works with premium providers of home monitoring products, health care technology, and aged care services. If you consider yourself a passionate caregiver and top rate home service vendor?, get in touch with HomeStay Care today in your local area. We are looking for exceptional individuals and sub contractors to join our network and expand our service offerings.  We are seeking individuals who can perform a wide range of services, including lawn mowing, cleaning, grocery shopping, meal preparation, transportation, dog walking and pet minding, companionship, and health & fitness. If you have other skills we haven’t listed here, do get in touch – we are always seeking to offer the most comprehensive services for our clients.

HomeStay Care is designed to let clients choose their own services from our network of pre approved suppliers, carers and vendors. As a vendor You can establish your own flexible hours, get paid directly, and work on a platform incorporating the latest technology to keep all your bookings, invoices, and payments in a single place. We have a variety of clients with varying levels of need in regards to care, giving them to flexibility to choose services and suppliers that suit both parties equally. Let HomeStay Care handle all the details, while you focus on what you do best – provide top quality care for those who appreciate it most.

Services HomeStay Care Offers

HomeStay Care is a comprehensive platform that incorporates healthcare and lifestyle services to provide independence, convenience, and safety to ageing individuals and their families. We seek to let individuals connect to solutions that allow them to live comfortably in their own homes for as long as possible.

We offer a range of services for our clients, including in home monitoring systems and wearable technologies. Technological advancements have seen the creation of devices that can monitor individuals at home and help create an environment in which aging individuals can thrive, independently. We offer a platform of skilled aged care service providers who can assist with household duties for those who need an additional level of personal support. We work closely with retirement and aged care facilities to let individuals connect with the ideal environment for the next phase of their lives

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HomeStay Care platfrom offers the highest level of services for individuals seeking to maintain comfort, independence, and safety for their future. If you are a passionate caregiver of provide high quality services, contact HomeStay Care today to join our team.