HomeStay provides a unified technology platform that offers care, health and lifestyle services that allows more independence, convenience, safety and dignity to seniors and elderly and provides peace of mind to their families.

As a disruptive technology for the aged care industry, HomeStay will enable individuals to “stay in their own homes longer”.

HomeStay’s trusted platform connects individuals who require services to make their lives more comfortable and match it with locally based providers who are looking to earn extra money or compliment their current business with extra clients.

HomeStay’s Intelligent Home provides a safe in-home environment by providing a 24/7 monitoring network that monitors movement, non-movement in the case of a fall or stroke. HomeStay’s Intelligent Home platform will send alerts to next of kin, caregivers or doctors in case of an incident allowing immediate response in case of an accident.

Solving the Private Home Care Dilemmas

Research tells us that families and individuals do not want to send their parents to retirement homes. Research has also shown that there are long term benefits for staying in your own home and your community, especially as you move into later stages of your life. HomeStay achieves this through their platform that supports you to choose when where and how you pay for your services, while having peace of mind that you are safe and secure if an incident should occur in your home.

Vision Statement
HomeStay Care strives to be a global leader in the stay at home aged care industry by taking daily actions to improve our business for the betterment of our clients so that they can stay in their own homes longer.

Mission Statement
HomeStay Care will provide high end in-home aged care services and products utilising innovative technologies to the aged care industry. We work to our best ability to provide our clients with the best services and technology products delivered by the latest IoT innovative solutions. We will continually work towards being the best in our markets.

Values Statement
Environment – we aim to create and sustain the finest work environment for the best aged care professionals and service providers

Motivation – we motivate through a culture of innovation, respect for skills and recognition of achievement of exceptional results for ourselves and our clients

Innovation – every member of the HomeStay team has a right to propose, lead and champion internal innovation and new things

Openness – our culture is based on trust, open communication and a fundamental respect for each other’s ideas and competence

Excellence – we aim to define and lead the aged care industry’s highest standards of consumer and technical excellence

Breakthroughs – our highest aims for our clients are sustainable technology-driven breakthroughs in productivity and value